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Exposure Northwest provides 1 and 2 day in the field photography workshops in Oregon & Washington. Groups are between 4 to 8 attendees and typically run from sunrise to sunset.

Your host:

Aaron Reed

Completely self-taught, Aaron Reed has turned what began as a  spark of interest in photography into a successful part-time business that encompasses fine art landscape, wedding and stock photography. Aaron has had his work published in various magazines and professional publications including National Geographic & Outdoor Photographer and has worked with companies and web businesses such as Travel Oregon, The US Postal Service,  Intel, Microsoft and many others. His fine art landscape work can be seen throughout Oregon and Washington hanging in many local businesses and much of it is available for licensing directly through his personal website or through Getty Images. With the belief that photography is an art first and foremost, Aaron uses creative and illustrative composition, imagination and color to produce visually stunning images and continues to push himself to create, to learn and to discover.

When Aaron picked up his first camera, his life was changed forever. It is his good-humored nature, endless energy and positive outlook on life that you will find infectious during your time spent with him. Aaron will help you to become a more successful photographer not only because he wants you to be, but because he believes that you can be.

Aaron’s website contains a plethora of his breath-taking Northwest landscapes, if you have the time, he invites you to stop by at

Aaron Reed wants to thank you in advance for your interest in Exposure Northwest Workshops. We hope you will choose to attend one or more and we look forward to meeting and spending time with each of you.
To reach Aaron Reed by e-mail with questions or comments, write to:

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