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Hopefully this answers most of the additional questions you may have.  If not, please feel free to post your question in the form of a comment below.

I have never taken a photographic workshop like this before, but I am interested.  Are they any prerequisites in terms of experience or knowledge?  Also, which cameras are acceptable for a class like this?

We welcome all skill levels to our workshops, whether you are just starting out with your first camera or have been shooting for years.  A workshop like this is equal parts education and inspiration, meaning if you need to have shutter and aperture explained to you, we will explain shutter and aperture to you, as well as focus, ISO, composition, exposure and any other questions you can think of to throw at us.  If you have heard it all a thousand times before and frankly don’t care to hear it again and instead just want a bit of inspiration to rub off on you, to share other photographer’s perspectives and just see some beautiful areas of the Pacific Northwest, then by all means we will give you that and more.

In terms of camera equipment, well if it takes pictures we can help you learn how to use it better.  Preferrably you have a camera that has some degree of manual control be it a digital SLR, a film SLR, a medium format camera, 35mm rangefinder, Holga, pinhole, or even a flatbed scanner plugged into a portable power source.  Between the two of us, we have some degree of experience with just about any camera you can find to put in front of us.  (Sorry there are no prizes for those of you who can stump us in this regards though.  If your camera is that esoteric then you are on your own.)

We are keeping our workshop enrollment small enough that we will both have ample opportunity to spend one-on-one time with each participant, tailoring the instruction and/or inspiration to their personal requirements.

What about physical conditioning.  I like watching Man vs. Wild on occasion but I am not sure I am up for that sort of wilderness trekking myself.  Should I start training now to last on these workshops?

Being in better physical shape is always a good idea, and while neither of us is the surgeon general I think we are safe mentioning that.  Having said that, none of our workshops will require extremely strenuous hiking.  They will include moderate amounts of trail or beach hiking, which may include climbing sand dunes or walking upwards of a couple of miles, but not more than 2-3 at any given stretch.  Being prepared with comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear will probably be the extent of the preparation that most people will need.  Of course, this will also be an important consideration to keep in mind when planning which equipment to bring.  If you are interested in a specific workshop and curious as to its particular physical requirements feel free to send us an e-mail.

Your itineraries mention meals, but there is not much mention of lodging.  Is lodging included in the cost, and if not will you provide suggested lodging information?

Meals, lodging and any other travel related expenses such as gas, are not included in the cost of the workshop.  A large part of this is logistics.  If we were to assume meals and hotels for everyone the cost of the workshops would increase, even for those who would prefer or are required to bring their own meals or would prefer to camp or stay with a friend in the area.  By not being inclusive, the costs of the workshops can remain lower and provide each registrant with the flexibility to decide their own lodging.

Upon registration, each individual will receive a packet of information that will include maps, directions and lodging/camping suggestions to help make the planning on your end as easy as possible.

Speaking of itineraries, yours are awfully detailed and that is great, but with so many places to see on the schedule, won’t we be a bit rushed?  I would rather see a few places for longer periods of time, than many for shorter span.

The detailed itineraries serve two main purposes.  The first is to demonstrate the time and forethought we have put into planning these workshops as opposed to throwing something together at the last moment.  The second is to give you an idea of what to expect while out in the field with us and to prepare accordingly beforehand.  Now as most landscape photographers can tell you, even the best laid plans generally don’t play out as expected.  The ability to adapt and improvise is an incredibly valuable skill to have as a photographer.  Changing weather and light can easily influence how favorable a location is for photographing.

Ultimately it is not our desire to “herd” you from place to place, but rather to let you move largely at your own pace with guidance from us.  If the energy and enthusiasm of the group are really high at a particular location, then we will bend the schedule to spend a bit more time at that spot, and likewise with the reverse where we can exercise the flexibility to move along a bit more quickly than planned.

So far this all sounds great!  I think I am almost ready to register for one of your workshops but before I do, what are your policies on deposits and cancellations?

Our policies are quite simple; in order to hold a spot for you we require a 50% deposit of the workshop fee with the remainder to be paid no later than 30 days prior to the start of the workshop.  In case of a cancellation, we ask that you cancel at least 60 days in advance to give us a fair chance of filling your spot in the workshop.  In the event of a cancellation of less than 60 days we do not refund your payment unless your spot is able to be filled.  Sorry if this seems draconian but we really encourage you to be certain you can attend the class before enrolling as spaces are very limited.  To be a bit less draconian, if you cancel and we are able to fill your spot then we will contact you and refund your deposit.  Likewise, we also understand that sometimes life happens and unexpected conflicts and/or emergencies can occur that prevent you from canceling with much notice.  We will certainly work with you on a case by case basis in these events.

That all seems fair enough, but I went to register and the process seemed a little convoluted.  What gives?

Ah yes, we both are fairly talented with cameras, we both understand the making of photographs, but obviously we are a bit less practiced with web engineering.  Bear with us, as we are still learning.  If you are having difficulty or would just prefer to register through another method such as a direct PayPal invoice or by check, please contact one us by e-mail and we would be happy to oblige.

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