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May 4th & 5th 2013

Investment: 300.00

Wildflowers & Waterfalls Two

Spring in the Columbia River Gorge is breathtaking. Abundant wildflowers of many varieties and lush greens seem to erupt from every direction. The beginning snow melt fills the area’s waterfalls to capacity and the combination of all of this activity makes the Columbia River Gorge a must see location for anyone who is able this time of year.

This two-day workshop will run a long stretch of the Columbia River Gorge from Multnomah Falls to Hood River & across the Columbia into Southern Washington. I will be traveling to the area the week before the workshop to scout out our final locations to ensure attendees have the best opportunity to capture nature’s beauty as it unfolds at the peak of the season.

Suggested lodging for this workshop is the Best Western in Cascade Locks, Oregon or one of the many hotels in Troutdale, Oregon. If you would like specific suggestions based on your taste in lodging, please send me an email for more information. The nearest major airport is PDX in Portland, Oregon.

Now lets talk about what to bring. The weather in the gorge, and Oregon & Washington in General can change from nice and sunny to cold, windy and rainy in the blink of an eye. You will want to come dressed in layers and prepared for everything from 32 degrees and windy, to 65 degrees and sunny, to heavy rain and everything in between. You will want to bring gloves and a hat for the mornings and possibly evenings. You will want to have some kind of light rain gear, at least in your car that you can change into if needed. You will want to bring some kind of protection for your camera (even if it is just a plastic bag) in case it is raining. You will also want to bring microfiber towels or whatever you use to dry your lenses and camera. I like to buy 5 or 10 packs of microfiber towels from Fry’s electronics. They work great and are a low-cost alternative to the fancy useless ones they will try to sell you at the camera shops. As far as camera equipment goes you will want to bring your camera. If you forget we reserve the right to laugh at you. 🙂 You will want to bring your tripod and make sure that it is in complete working condition and you have a tool to at least tighten any bolts that may come loose during the workshop. You will want to bring all your available lenses with the exception of any really long telephotos. You won’t need any 400mm lenses on this workshop and will not want to carry one around all weekend or leave one in your car. Speaking of leaving things in your car….please do not leave things sitting out to temp thieves. No bags, purses and especially camera equipment. Car prowling is a problem in the gorge but luckily no one on any of my workshops has ever lost anything. I would like to keep it that way.

You will want to bring LOTS of memory cards and at least 2 fully charged batteries for your camera. My suggestion is to have 3 fully charged batteries. For some of you this may be the first time that you are out shooting all day long. You do not want to run out of juice. Please bring your charger as well and consider a way to charge on the road if you do not have multiple batteries. If you do not have a circular polarizer I would highly suggest that you go buy one. Please bring any Neutral Density filters that you have. I will also have a few sets that I can let you all borrow but I do not have more than one polarizer. If you were planning on buying some ND filters for this workshop, you get 25% off from LEE FILTERS USA by signing up for my workshop. You can email John Adler of LEE at and order from him directly. Tell him you have signed up for one of my workshops and would like the 25% discount. Ask him about shipping times so you don’t wait longer than expected.

We will be eating breakfast & late lunch together (if you are interested) at local restaurants but may not stop for dinner. Please bring snacks and plenty of water for the workshop as well. We will be close to small stores at various times throughout the workshop. Sunrise is 6am and sunset is 8:15pm so it will be a long day both days.

I think that is it for now. 🙂 If you haven’t filled out my pre-workshop questionnaire, please head over to my and do that when you get a chance. It is very helpful information for me to have. The majority of my workshops this year have sold out so I just added a San Francisco workshop to the schedule last week. I will be adding a Seattle workshop and a Portland workshop in the near future. Any of you that sign up for a future workshop, or more than 1 workshop at once automatically receive $50 off the registration fee.

To register and secure your place in this workshop, simply click the image at the top of the page to be directly to PayPal for checkout.


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